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      Introducing... "The New Rules!"

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      Dear Busy Parents, Former Athletes, Active Military and Veterans:

      Ever had to start over… Personally, Professionally, Physically, Financially?

      How do you know when it’s time to pull the plug and move on, or stick it out and take the pain?

      In Business, maybe you’ve had some success, but your career is lacking fulfillment. Monday mornings aren’t as fun as they used to be and it’s a daily struggle to motivate yourself to soldier on.
      Perhaps you’ve got good money coming in, but no time to enjoy it…

      Or there’s no one special in your life to spend it with.

      Maybe all the work stress has even done a number on your health.

      And there’s no end in sight….

      I mean, what good is “winning” the Rat Race if you still feel like a rat?

      Because earning the big bucks is not all it’s cracked up to be if you don’t have an iron-clad backup plan to keep generating that kind of income when forces beyond your control make it impossible to conduct business as usual.

      When your primary revenue stream dries up, you can either choose to adapt, or crumble.

      Because the mortgage is still due. Tuition checks still need to be paid. And it’s nice to enjoy some meals out and vacations every once in a while.

      But how do you maintain that lifestyle if you don’t have a financial Plan B already in place when adversity hits?

      Look, I’m not saying money is everything, but it is right up there with oxygen. And if it’s been keeping you up at night lately… keep reading, because I want to show you how to get this fixed today.

      Now, you’re going to need a road map (preferably from someone who’s done it before).

      And there are some “New Rules” I want you to know about that I’m sharing today for the first time ever.

      So who Am I? My name is Hannibal Bray and I'm looking for people who want MORE and are ready to make some changes.

      Yes, Hannibal is my real name. No I’m not a serial killer. But I DO enjoy a nice Chianti…

      I’m originally from the Midwest and now live in Washington, DC. I’m an Army Veteran, Former Helicopter Pilot, West Point Grad, College Wrestler, Medical Device Sales Rep, Devoted Husband & Father of 2 boys… and, like you, I’m BUSY.

      But I’m a goal-oriented dude so I’m never too busy to listen to someone who has already achieved whatever it is that I’m looking to have, do, or become.

      Whether it’s improving my health, wealth, or relationships – I’m a perpetual student.

      So I read all the books, watch all the videos, attend all the conferences (sometimes I’m even the speaker).

      I hire the best coaches, put it all into action, and remain committed to constantly improving in all areas.

      I’ve had plenty of ups and downs, and will surely have more, but I remain an eternal optimist.

      Even now, in times of unprecedented uncertainty, I believe there is always hope and something to look forward to =)

      And when I see someone who has already been there, and done that… it commands my attention.

      Especially when I have the chance to shortcut my learning curve and follow in their footsteps.

      Let me tell you a story that could change your life…

      See, 3 years ago, when my first son was born, my health and fitness had taken a back seat. Despite being in the military, and a Division I college athlete, I’m ashamed to say that I had let myself go physically.

      The joke is: My wife got pregnant, and I did too =(

      It was not a good look. My energy level was in the gutter, and it was negatively impacting my work, my relationships, and my overall happiness.

      Thankfully, I answered an Ad on Facebook and got linked up with a couple of guys (Steve & Tim) who helped me lose the Dad-bod in under 90 days without strenuous exercise or starving myself.

      I was drawn in because they had both done it themselves.

      And I believe it worked for me because I was ready to make some changes.

      Despite having been an emotional eater my whole life, what Steve & Tim told me changed everything.

      They said I had to let my body HEAL before it would start releasing all the fat.

      So instead of counting calories and slaving away at the gym, I embraced green juice, cut out all the garbage I’d been eating, drank more water, and prioritized my sleep bigtime.

      They even turned me on to some world-class supplements that gave me an absolutely unfair advantage and truly made my transformation inevitable.

      Sure, you could argue that some of what they taught me was common sense, but there was enough nuance in the execution of the protocol that I’m convinced I would not have gotten the same results without their guidance and encouragement.

      Which they gave freely, because they saw I was hungry and coachable.

      It’s true what they say, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears…”

      Since then, I’ve done a lot of experimenting on myself and have personally coached over 100 others to embark on their own journey toward a healthier lifestyle. 

      Because my own personal transformation was so dramatic and had such a deep positive impact on all areas of my life, I just felt compelled to pay it forward and share with others.

      Now, our growing community of active professionals, busy parents, military veterans, and former athletes has cracked the code on what it takes to safely lose weight, keep it off for years, and still enjoy eating!

      The biggest thing for me is that I finally became the master over my food choices.

      I even learned how to cook and have mastered enough recipes that our favorite restaurants being closed lately hasn’t been much of a hardship.

      Still, being under a curfew, and experiencing limited freedom to conduct normal business and live my life has pushed me way outside of my comfort zone and has me extremely motivated to build an even bigger financial safety net for my family.

      Because I HATE feeling exposed!

      And if you’re like me, you want the same thing – not just financial success, but absolute time freedom.

      So lately, I’ve become obsessed with generating multiple streams of income and am much more open to new opportunities than I once was.

      So that’s NEW RULE #1: Keep an Open Mind.

      Let me tell you another story…

      At least 15 years ago, I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and immediately believed investing in real estate was going to be my ticket. So I bought more books, took courses, attended seminars and network events. 

      Then, after about a year of struggling and feeling like I was just running in circles, I closed my first deal in 90 days from start to finish.

      Through much effort, and considerable luck, I found a single family home nearby that needed a lot of work. 

      The owner had neither the means, nor the appetite, for the extensive repairs and upgrades that were needed in order to command a top selling price, and he knew that. He’d been there for 20 years and was sitting on a lot of equity, but had fallen on hard times and just wanted to walk away.

      So I made that possible. Without a realtor’s license, and without ever taking ownership of the property, by using a lease with an option to buy. 

      Then I got the owner to move out so I could begin the heavy lifting of cleaning the place up, marketing the property, and closing the deal.

      For real estate nerds (like me), here’s the numbers that matter:

      $475K   After Repair Value
      $150K   Projected Cost Of Repairs
        $67K   Payoff Seller’s Mortgage
      $100K   What Seller Wanted To NET

      Long story short, I offered $167K. He accepted, and 90 days later I “flipped” it for $267K, which is a $100K spread. But I had to put $40K of my own money at risk into the deal. I did this by using my tax-deferred, self-directed, IRA. 

      Then I gave the seller $10K up front to move out for 90 days, and put the other $30K into “pre-habbing” and making it more attractive for the DIY owner-occupant who would be moving in and completing the renovation himself.

      So I netted $60K instead of the potential $120K I maybe could have cleared if I did a full-blown renovation. Did I leave money on the table? Sure. But I got in and out of the deal relatively quickly and with minimal risk.

      The other point worth mentioning is that I had a second deal going at the same time...

      This other property didn’t need as much work (mostly cosmetic), but it was a weird setup that really limited who would be interested in buying it. Technically, it was a single family home but had been used as a doctor’s office for years and the basement was full of exam rooms and they left behind all kinds of office furniture and equipment (which I sold off). 

      On this deal, I got creative and held an auction. Basically, I hosted an open house and then conducted a round-robin style, bidding war with prospective buyers over the phone. 

      Not sure I would ever recommend this strategy to anyone else, but somehow I pulled it off.
      Comparatively, I put much less work (and money) into this deal, but in the end I almost got crushed.

      On paper, I was supposed to walk away with about $5,500. Less than I had hoped for, but I was still happy to make a profit on 2 deals in a row. That is, until things went sideways at closing because my attorney made an accounting mistake.

      Basically, there was some serious miscommunication on how the buyer’s $5,000 earnest money was to be applied. So I walked out of closing with a check for $500, instead of $5,500.

      To this day, I don’t believe it was intentional or even negligent. In hindsight, I should have done a better job getting everything in writing.

      After that, I continued to dabble in real estate, finding a more comfortable niche acting as a short-term private money lender (again, using my self-directed IRA) on several commercial deals. I preferred these arrangements because they were much more hands-off and still relatively low risk.

      For example, on the first deal, I put up $75K and got back a check for $100K about a year later.

      Then I reinvested that $100K (with the same trusted RE developer), got my capital back 14 months later, and retained an ownership interest in the property, that I sold a few years later for an extra $60K.

      Over the years, I’ve also managed a few rental properties…

      But at the end of the day, being a landlord just isn’t my thing. Because nobody talks about all the property preservation costs, marketing expenses, and tenant issues that can eat up your time and profits.

      Which brings us to NEW RULE #2: Prioritize Lifestyle!

      Because it’s not a question of whether or not you can make money with your side endeavor. The question is: Are you willing to do the necessary activities, day in and day out, to be successful?

      Not just initially, where of course, you have to pay your dues… But long term. What kind of lifestyle do you really want?

      Don’t get me wrong. I love real estate and I’m not hating on it if that’s your thing… but if you’re new to the game, make sure you have a top-notch mentor and a solid backup plan.

      Same goes for the stock market.

      Of course, you can make a killing there IF you know what you’re doing… and IF you have the stomach for the losses. 

      I, apparently don’t =(

      Here’s another (painful) story.

      About 10 years ago, I foolishly sold stock options from a former employer (way too early!) and missed out on a 7-figure windfall. It was humbling, and after much denial, I decided that a more predictable “set-it-and-forget-it” investing approach made sense for me.

      Personally, I loved Tony Robbins’ last 2 books: MONEY, Master The Game, and Unshakeable. So yeah, I still invest, but I try to just forget about the money I’m putting aside and let it grow on auto-pilot.

      Perhaps you also follow influencers like Gary V and he’s got you convinced that you need a side hustle (and he’s right)… but what exactly does that mean for YOU?

      Well, this is a journey. So you might need to kiss a few frogs before finding the right gig for you.

      Besides real estate and stocks, I’ve tried my hand at group and private coaching, consulting, network marketing, affiliate marketing, and even a few joint ventures along the way. Unfortunately, some of those deals went sideways, but those are the ones where I learned the most valuable lessons.

      Like you, my past experience has shaped my view of what’s possible and helped me decide what kind of lifestyle I really want to create.

      Personally, what I'm into these days, is building something sustainable that gives me leverage.

      Something that doesn’t require my full attention to keep generating cash flow consistently.

      Something where I can position top-shelf products that help real people get kickass results like I did.

      Something where I can focus on my core skills of being a good communicator, trainer, and coach.

      Something that attracts positive people who want to win and are fun to work with…

      Is that so much to ask?

      Because I’m willing to work my face off for it!

      Which brings us to NEW RULE #3: Part Time, Not Half Assed.

      See, if I commit to something, I commit. I don’t just phone it in or sit on the sidelines reacting to circumstances. I’m not waiting for anybody to bail me out with a handout or stimulus package.

      I get out there and take action to create my own economy.

      I invest in my education, I commit to mastering skills, and I don’t ever quit.

      They say finding something you’re passionate about is key. Sometimes it will even find you!

      So here’s a story that might describe YOU…

      If you’re like me… you’ve no doubt been contacted, invited, or maybe even stalked and harassed by someone you know to look at their AMAZING home business.

      If not, just wait, it’s only a matter of time =)

      Especially now, in the face of unprecedented events and challenges that have exposed everyone’s vulnerabilities and threatened our health, livelihood, and freedoms.

      Because the people you know are just like the people I know.

      To them, you’re a leader. They see you as someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who brings a champion’s mindset to everything you do.

      And that’s attractive! So of course they want you on their team.

      Heck, maybe you were even open to taking a look, in spite of their approach seeming kind of weird…

      Sure, you have a successful career… but maybe it’s not as fulfilling as it used to be.

      Or maybe, with all the uncertainty today, you’re looking to hedge your bets and start shoring up your Plan B, or exit strategy.

      Nobody can blame you for looking outside your core business. Just like nobody could have seen all this uncertainty coming.

      But when it comes to building your own business, working from home, starting a side hustle -- you probably have no idea what you’re really getting into. Am I right?

      Because (probably) no one has ever shown you how to (properly) evaluate a business opportunity!

      And despite your friend’s enthusiasm and confidence in your ability to become a “Rockstar” on their team, what you could really use instead is an objective filter, or lens, to consider your options.

      It’s not their fault though. Your friend means well and is just doing the best they know how.

      I’m curious though…

      Did they butter you up with compliments first?

      Did they ambush you to get on the phone (or Zoom) with their business partner?

      Did you fall for the bait-and-switch house party that turned into a full-on business presentation?

      And did they lead with the INCREDIBLE products or the “ground floor” opportunity?

      Sound familiar?

      Because that’s not how the true professionals roll. There IS a better way.

      Maybe you were genuinely intrigued.

      Maybe your scam-alert radar didn’t go off right away. 

      Or maybe you just felt sorry for your friend.

      Heck, maybe you joined and tried out some of their products for yourself because that was easier than saying NO to your friend. We all hate letting other people down.

      Plus, something about the idea of earning passive residual income was just too alluring to resist.

      Even though you KNEW that only about 1% of people actually make any real money in those things…

      And they were probably just the ones who got in early, right?

      I mean, what chance could you possibly have if the system was rigged so only those at the top of the pyramid make any money? (Hold that thought for now, please).

      Don’t blame yourself if you “tried” it and didn’t get the easy money you were promised.

      Because the idea of doing the work ONE time and then getting paid on it again, and again, and AGAIN, every time people use your product or service is so incredibly seductive.

      The problem is…

      Actually, there’s a LOT of problems, LOL.

      But the main problem for most people is they don’t know what they’re looking at.

      They have no frame of reference to know if what they’re seeing is a truly disruptive, built-to-last opportunity with tons of upside potential…

      Or just another one of “those things” to be avoided like the COVID.

      Because it honestly doesn’t matter that only 1 or 2% of people make the big bucks…

      And it doesn’t even matter if the friend who invited you to take a look has made any money either.

      All that matters is: Can you discern what it is those 2%-ers actually did to get results?

      So write this one down… NEW RULE #4: Get A Mentor.

      Because when you have a road map, the journey doesn’t seem so impossible.

      When there’s footprints to follow, it means you’re on the right track.

      Just be careful who you listen to though!

      Personally, I would not take weight loss advice from fat people… 

      financial advice from broke people… 

      or relationship advice from people who are miserable.

      That doesn’t mean I think I’m better than those people – I just choose not to consider their unqualified opinion.

      Because either they don’t know what they’re talking about, or they don’t practice what they preach. 

      Either way, I'd rather follow a leader who has produced documented results, continues to set a positive example, and gladly lifts other people up to have their own breakthrough.

      You know, the kind of person who sends the elevator back down after they get to the top =)

      So I challenge you to do the same.

      Trust your own instincts, and follow NEW RULE #5: Embrace The Journey.

      When you see someone on top of a mountain, chances are they did not fall there – they climbed. We know this because success leaves clues for us to see the path they followed.

      But if you want what they’ve got, you’re going to have to do what they did.

      And it’s going to be hard. The Universe will test you plenty along the way.

      So, if you’re looking for a get-rich quick scheme, then never mind. These “New Rules” won’t help you one bit. 

      In fact, when you find a solid opportunity that is truly aligned with your core values, building the business will likely be the hardest thing you ever do. Maybe not physically hard, but emotionally, for sure. It will absolutely challenge you and expose all your weaknesses.

      But don’t let that scare you away!

      People like us love a challenge. We thrive in tough conditions.

      But that simple truth scares the pants off most people because they’re either too afraid to fail, or too comfortable where they’re currently at.

      Not you though. You just want to know the real deal, no matter how tough it is. Then you can decide for yourself if the juice is worth the squeeze to put in the work. Right?

      Your friend didn’t know this about you though and likely glossed over the “hard” parts, which is a rookie mistake.

      So if I’m wrong about you, and you ARE looking for something easy, let me save you some disappointment – STOP READING NOW!

      However, if you’re still reading, I’m betting that you're willing to pay the price and have the guts to succeed.

      In that case, let these “New Rules” empower you, encourage you, and remind you that you CAN do this!

      You can create exactly the kind of lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about.

      Of course it won’t be easy… but I promise you it’s worth it. Anything worth having is worth putting in the effort. You already know that.

      One final story…

      Nobody applies to go to West Point because it's easy…

      30 years ago, when I applied, it was arguably the toughest school in America to get into.

      For crying out loud, I had to get an appointment from my Congressman!

      What does that even mean? I had no idea what the process entailed.

      It’s not like our family had any political clout, or influence.

      All I knew was I needed to find a way to impress this guy. Because every candidate had a dynamite GPA, off-the-charts test scores, and a distinguished list of extra-curricular activities.

      I had to find a way to set myself apart, which I did with unwavering conviction and persistence.

      I didn’t just write the admissions essays, fill out the applications, send them off to be reviewed, and wait for an answer. No! I followed up.

      I found out when the Congressman was going to be in my small town of 3,500 people next, and I showed up there in the basement of the county courthouse for a talk on Medicare and health coverage to a roomful of seniors. Which, as a healthy, 17 year old athlete, the speech had me bored to tears…

      But I stood there, in the back, wearing my varsity letter jacket, and shined shoes, and waited patiently for my chance to ask a question and impress him. But at the end of the talk, his aide announced there was no time for questions because the Congressman had a busy day ahead (go figure, he’s a Congressman).

      They bolted for the door...

      Well, not to be defeated, I hustled after them, and there in the parking lot, as the aide went around to open the car door, I saw my opportunity. This was my moment.

      So, without trying to come off as a stalker, I quickly marched right up to the distinguished representative from Wisconsin’s 6th congressional district and said,

      “Congressman Petri, my name is Hannibal Bray. I’m a high school senior here in Mauston and I want to earn your nomination to go to West Point next year.”

      There it was. I had thrown my hat in the ring.

      What happened next is a blurred memory… but in the 5-10 seconds after I spoke, before his aide interrupted to insist they get moving, I seem to remember him looking me up and down, sizing me up, and saying something like,

      “Good for you, son. You know it’s tough to get in, right? And even tougher to get out…”

      (Gulp…) What was I getting myself into? 

      Turns out it was to become quite an adventure.

      Once I made it to the Academy, I walked on to the wrestling team. 4 years later, I was one of only a handful of my classmates who were still on the team roster. Because most guys quit. And you couldn’t blame them. 

      For 4 years we endured two-a-day workouts of mental and physical sacrifice. Cutting weight, getting beat up, all while trying to stay awake in class and survive the rigorous academic curriculum. 

      It definitely wasn’t easy… but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

      Because the grueling conditions were invaluable preparation for the 8 years I served flying helicopters in the Army.

      The discipline and focus I gained from wrestling have also served me well in my career as a medical device sales rep.

      And the deep relationships I've formed with classmates over the last 30 years are something I absolutely treasure.

      Fast forward to 2012…

      When I met my wife, I didn’t say to myself, “Go after her, she looks easy!”

      NO! Are you kidding?!

      My point is this... in every situation, through my whole life, I have always wanted to distinguish myself, prove myself, be a part of something special, and make a difference.

      So because I’m feeling generous today…

      And because this isn’t my first rodeo and I’ve had to learn these “New Rules” myself the hard way.

      For a limited time only, as a FREE Bonus, I’m going to invite you to actively participate in my 10-Day Challenge so you can learn to avoid the pitfalls of working from home.

      Entrepreneurship is extremely rewarding, but can be a lonely road in the beginning when it’s just you all by your lonesome trying to figure things out and decide what to focus on first.

      So this is a FREE, very detailed, video training that I call my “10-Ps” and it will teach you the 10 essential criteria you must evaluate when launching any new business venture.

      My hope is they will educate and inspire you, and also expose some areas you haven’t fully considered yet.

      These “10-Ps” are the lessons I’ve learned through a lifetime of trial and error and are guaranteed to help you get absolute clarity on what it takes to disrupt your personal status quo so you can finally create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, and know that you deserve. 

      Because when you know exactly what to look for, you’ll have the confidence to go all in on your dreams, diversify your income, and limit your exposure to unforeseen events.

      Just don’t be surprised, as you’re going through the 10-Day Challenge, if you come to the same conclusion I did -- that creating exponential residual income beats everything else out there.

      Because when that finally clicks, you’ll be able to see past all the nonsense and misinformation being spread by people who, honestly, don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

      Look, I have been extremely fortunate to learn all these lessons (without becoming overly jaded and skeptical) and I want to share them with you today for FREE.

      I’ve seen first-hand what to look out for and what is truly possible when you know how to properly evaluate and select the right opportunity, and I want that for you. It would be selfish to keep all this to myself.

      So save yourself the time, money, and headaches I endured to learn the “10-Ps” by starting the 10-Day Challenge today!

      See you inside =)

      Copyright © 2020 Hannibal Bray
      All Rights Reserved
      Copyright © 2020 Hannibal Bray | All Rights Reserved